Herding is building filters for 3D metal Additive Manufacturing

Herding has started a collaboration with Additive Industries, one of the most innovative OEM’s in today’s Additive Manufacturing landscape.

The young start-up has developed the MetalFab1 system, the first integrated metal additive manufacturing system designed for high end industrial applications in demanding markets like aerospace, medical, high tech equipment, tooling and automotive. With the help of multiple lasers it prints functional metal parts in 3D. The fully integrated, modular architecture enables increased productivity, reproducibility and flexibility. This setup is so unique, that there is a lot of attention for their machines internationally. The first beta systems have already been sold out and series production will be ramping up before the end of this year. Herding has developed a tailored solution for the filtering process. The self-cleaning Herding filter enables the filtering and safe extraction of process fumes from the building chambers. The filter system has been designed to fit into the confined space of the MetalFab1 system.