Central Vacuum System

Assembling, servicing and supporting industrial central vacuum cleaning systems is one of the main activities of  Herding filtertechniek Central vacuum systems contribute to a clean and safe workplace. Never again carrying mobile vacuum cleaners. Never again working with vacuum cleaners which transport dust only instead of filtering it. But for ever a dust free working station.

We always design central vacuum systems in consultation with our customers. Together we determine the position of the vacuum contacts. Important is that all machines, platforms and the entire floor area are within reach with the vacuum hoses and the accessories. All vacuum contacts are connected to the vacuum cleaner and blower by a large pipe system.

The vacuum cleaner is a Herding® filter unit with sinter-plate filter media, which  reaches the highest filtration level.  A blower or fan creates the required under pressure.

Herding filtertechniek creates small and large central vacuum systems. From a small amount of vacuum contacts to large industrial systems where several operators work the same time. We built systems of more than 1000 metre ductwork, where a PLC and a frequency controller supply every required air volume and pressure.