Filter and blower

The filter is a Herding® filter unit with sinter-plate filter media which are generally characterized by very high separation rates < 0.2 mg/m3 (depending on the dust).  The filter housing is build up of powder coated steel plates provided with struts to withstand the high vacuum. The filter elements are cleaned by a integral jet-pulse cleaning device automatically. The lower part of the filter unit consists a hopper and a rotary valve to transport the dust to a big-bag or container. 

The required vacuum (sometimes even to 50,000Pa under pressure) is created by a fan or a blower.

In some vacuum systems large parts as concretes and glass scraps and sometimes even worker’s gloves are hovered up as well. In these systems we install a pre-separator before the filter unit. In this pre-separator the large parts are separated before they reach the filter unit.

The process control of the entire installation is done by a command console. The console consists among others a PLC or frequency control. It depends all the requirements. 


  • With a Herding® vacuum system you have enough expiration at every vacuum contact always
  • A Herding® installation is built for long lifetime use and a minimum of maintenance
  • The (sometimes harmful) dust filtered by a Herding® vacuum system left the production area and is collected at a central point