The vacuum contacts are connected to the filter unit by a balanced system of pipe-work. Depend on the application the pipe-work is made of galvanised steel, aluminium or stainless steel. Curves are often made of longwearing flexible ducts. The duct parts are connected with easy removable Eurac connectors. This makes  fixing plugs simple.

A benefit of a Herding® central vacuum systems is the availability of enough suction power at all contacts always. This is independent if there is one or if there are several contacts on stream. The pipe-work is balanced and calculated for every imaginable situation. We make use of suppletion valves which are built-in at strategic points.  


  • We make use heavy-duty of  pipe-work. Built for long term use
  • Plugs are recognizable and fixed easily
  • We assemble the piping out of sight as much as possible